Are you determined to experience breakthrough results with your body in 2015?
You CAN and WILL in the world's 1st Plant-Based Fitness Experience!

Erica Bryant

News Anchor

"Shabaka helps me keep my body beautiful, inside and out!"- Erica Bryant, News Anchor


About shabaka 

Shabaka Amen is the creator of the PlantFit Gym and Charlotte's 1st Plant-Based Fitness Trainer!  He's a thought-leader and pioneer of a new category called 'Plant-Based Fitness Training'.

Unlike most traditional fitness gyms that focus exclusively on exercise...

PlantFit Gym is the 1st to offer innovative and groundbreaking plant-based fitness training...

As a member of PlantFit Gym, you can expect to experience predictable benefits...

Since it's been clinically and scientifically shown that an unrefined plant-based diet can effectively prevent, treat, and reverse...

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