4 Week Program


               8 Week Program

​                       $800

Enroll in the 4 or 8 week InnerCise Meditation training programs!  Sessions are held weekly for all IM members who enroll.

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The Science-Based Benefits of Stillness and Meditation:
Brain & Mood
-Reduces Stress 
-Decreases Anxiety 
-Increases Positive Emotions
-Decreases Depression 
-Treats Addiction
-Regulates Mood
-Memory and Attention 
-Increases Grey Matter
Mind & Performance
-Improves focus & attention 
-Increases Resilience & Mental Strength in Adversity 
-Improves Learning & Memory
-Improves Mood & Well-being
Body & Health
-Reduces Risk of Heart Disease & Stroke
-Reduces Blood Pressure 
-Increases Immune Function 
-Decreases Pain
-Decreases Inflammation on Cellular Level 
Social Life
-Increases Social Connection & Emotional Intelligence 
-Increases Compassion & Empathy 
-Reduces Loneliness 
-Generates Helpfulness 


InnerCise Meditation is a fitness of stillness training system designed to reduce and eliminate stress!  "IM" is also the missing mind-body fitness training system for achieving your full health and well-being, fitness performance, and body image potential!  In the IM state, you'll have the ability to communicate with your body's mind or subconscious and download new belief-feeling patterns about your body that are beneficial, congruent, and supportive of your body goals!