REFUND POLICY:  A refund will be granted within 30 days after the request for refund date, as long as the appointment for the LPA consultation is cancelled 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment date/time.  If a request for a refund is made inside the 48 hour time frame of the scheduled appointment, no refund will be granted.


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Lifestyle Performance Assessment
Want to take your body to the next level by experiencing breakthrough results?  The Lifestyle Performance Assessment is designed to help YOU discover SOLUTIONS to your body problems.  Your current state of health, fitness performance, and body image are results produced by biochemical, metabolic, and physiological reactions.  If you are living with body results that you don't want, there are specific Lifestyle Actions that are at CAUSE!  During this 60 minute session, Shabaka will help you discover and understand the specific Lifestyle Actions that are at CAUSE for the undesirable and detrimental body problems that you're experiencing.  You'll learn about simple and effective lifestyle solutions, strategies, and support opportunities to help you experience the body breakthrough and results that you desire and deserve!