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This "Personal Training Fund" page was created to provide support,  

for a very deserving and dedicated personal training client named Alberta.

Alberta is a 54 year old woman, who is the caretaker of her elderly father

who resides with her.  She's participating in our Plant-Based Personal

Training program and doing extremely well!  She started the program in the

beginning of January 2017, weighing 347 lbs!  ​As of January 26, 2017,

she's down to 322 lbs and has lost a total of 25 lbs in 3 weeks!  She is happy

and thrilled about her weight loss progress so far.  Alberta can longer financially

afford to continue training, so the goal of this Personal Training Fund is to raise

enough money in order to GIFT her a 1 Year Personal Training Membership

at PlantFit Gym!



​Thanks For Your Donation!!!

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​​​​​​W​elcome To The "Personal Training Fund" Page For Alberta!

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"Lifestyle Performance Intervention"

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    "Fitness of Stillness Challenge"

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