PlantFit Bootcamp Sessions Will Start on Monday, March 6, 2017!

Schedule: Monday & Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.  Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

PlantFit Bootcamp is a revolutionary Plant-Based Fitness Bootcamp program that helps you achieve the body you really want holistically!

The PlantFit Bootcamp Difference!

​Nutritional science and studies have shown that what we EAT and DRINK constantly trains our biochemistry, metabolism, and physiology.  Our PlantFit Nutritional Formula perfectly trains the inside-your biochemistry (blood pH and hormones), metabolism (mitochondria), and physiology by introducing higher amounts of plant-based nutrients into your body.  During the PlantFit Bootcamp program your body will be trained, transformed, and tremendously benefited by each PlantFit Meal that you EAT and each PlantFit Juice Cleanse juice that you DRINK, producing faster and more beneficial changes in your body in ways that exercise simply can't!  If you're overweight-you'll burn fat!  If you're suffering from chronic inflammation-you'll reduce inflammation!  If you're pre-diabetic/type II diabetic-you'll reverse diabetes!  If you're hypertensive-you'll reduce your blood pressure!  If your cholesterol is high-you'll lower it!  If you've aged prematurely-you'll look ageless and beautify your skin!  If you want more muscle tone/definition-you will build more muscle!  If you are sincere and serious about experiencing immediate, measurable, observable, and beneficial changes in your body image, fitness performance, and health and well-being-then PlantFit Bootcamp was designed for you!

Size Does Matter!

PlantFit Bootcamp is a "micro-boot camp", allowing for a maximum of 9 people per bootcamp session to ensure that you get personalized attention, optimal instruction, and a safer training experience!  Unlike most fitness boot camps that are overcrowded, our "micro-boot camp" model allows us to create a personal training experience in each PlantFit Bootcamp training session!

It's About Time!

The only thing standing between you and the results you really want is time.  In our 30-Minute PlantFit Bootcamp sessions, you'll get an hour's results in just 30 minutes!  The latest exercise science is on your side-revealing that shorter, higher intensity workouts can increase lean muscle and promote fat loss!  That's why Shabaka Amen designed a fitness bootcamp program that delivers the same kind of results you'd expect from an hour-long workout, in just 30 minutes! 

Social Media Support On Periscope

Helping You Successfully Achieve the Body You Really Want is the sole purpose of PlantFit Bootcamp!

Using the PERISCOPE App, PlantFit Bootcamp members will receive mobile notifications and access to weekly Live Video Broadcasts that include PlantFit Bootcamp Success Coaching, Wellness Motivational Talks, and interactive Q&A sessions!


Offer Ends By February 28, 2017

          12 Week Challenge

36 PlantFit Bootcamp Sessions

                $647 (SAVE $100)

                         4 Week Challenge                                   12 PlantFit Bootcamp Sessions

                                $249 (SAVE $50)

           8 Week Challenge

 24 PlantFit Bootcamp Sessions

             $448 (SAVE $50)

Returns and Reimbursement Policy: If a request for refund or reimbursement is made within the term of the program signed up for, a reimbursement will be dispersed within a 60 day period. A $100 processing fee will be applied for the PlantFit Nutrition Plan.  The PlantFit Nutrition Plan is an intellectual commodity of PlantFit Gym.  Once the PlantFit Nutrition Plan (i.e. meal plans, foods list, etc.) is emailed, a full refund cannot be given, regardless of use or not.